There are 14 private and municipal agricultural companies in the region. On average, each of them has 3161 hectares of farm land, of them – 1837 hectares of arable land. The fertility grade of the land is 28,5, of arable land – 30,8. In 2005 some 21,185 hectares were sown with crops. In 2005 the gross grain yield in the public sector made 28 thousand tons, crop capacity – 25 cwt/ha. The 2005 gross grain yield grew by 4 thousand tons against 2004. The gross potato yield in 2005 made 3,8 thousand tons, potato productivity – 130 cwt/ha.

The agricultural companies of the region specialize in meat and milk production. Meat and milk products account for 86.4 per cent of the total sales of agricultural produce in the region.