In Chechersk there is state vocational agricultural school #186 with 364 students, 14 secondary schools with 2,558 students and 9 pre-school establishments with 505 children.

There are 34 hobby groups in the regional center which are attended by about 600 children. There is a children’s sports center in the region where in 22 groups some 260 students are trained.

The regional executive committee has established a children’s home of family type, a socio-pedagogical center and a center of special education.

There are 551 teachers working in the education establishments. Of them 69.6 per cent have university diplomas.

Qualifications: 6.8 per cent have the highest qualifications, 29 per cent – the first-class qualifications, 21.2 per cent – the second-class qualifications and 43 per cent correspond to the requirements of the positions they hold.