Investment proposal

Investment proposal #1

Branch: health care
Company: Chechersk Regional Territorial Medical Establishment, 247152, Chechersk, Trudovaya Str., 15, settlement account – 2720000070024 at branch office # 327 of Belarusbank of Chechersk, ….
Property form: communal
Percentage of state-owned shares in the authorized capital: 100
Head of the company: chief medical officer Sergei Korsak
Title of the project: “Construction of a medical establishment in Polesye village”
Aim: social, to improve medical servicing of the rural population
Stage of implementation: project proposal
Project totals: 60,000 conventional units
Investments needed: 60,000 conventional units
Investment form: attraction of the funds of the investor – 100 per cent
Term of implementation of the project: three years
Type of business plan: feasibility study report
The proposal has been prepared by the chief medical officer of Chechersk Regional Territorial Medical Establishment.
Mr. Korsak
Tel.: (02332) 3-11-70

Investment proposal #2

Branch: industry
Company: Chechersk Wine Making Plant
Property form: republican
Percentage of state-owned shares in the authorized capital: 100
Annual money turnover: USD 80,000
Head of the company: Yevgeniy Kuzmenko
Title of the project: to purchase cutting-edge equipment for sewing production
Aim: to boost volumes of production of consumer goods, improve their quality in a bid to push up sales and profits
nnProject totals: USD 60,000
Investments needed: USD 50,000
Proposal for the investor: 10 per cent of profits which remain in possession of the company
Investments utilization: purchase of latest equipment
Term of implementation of the project: one year
Term of repayment: three years
Project location: the town of Chechersk
The investment proposal has been drawn up by director of company Nadezhda Yevgeniy Kuzmenko
Tel.: 31569