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Chechersk District Executive Committee
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31 October 2007

Chechersk region opens up new tourist route

The Chechersk region has created a cultural-tourist zone which presentation will be held on October 31. The local authorities have invited reporters and travel agencies for the launch event. The tourist route includes the main landmarks of the region, Dmitry Kolodin, the chief of the department for physical culture, sport and tourism of the Chechersk regional executive committee, told BelTA. These are the Chechersk town hall and a museum, Holy Transfiguration Church of the 18th century, a manor of the Chernyshevsky-Kruglikov family where Empress Catherine the Great stayed once, Castle Hill, a monument to soldiers and also a Palaeolithic site in the village of Berdyzh. According to Dmitry Kolodin, the highlight of the route is the unique town hall, which is thought to be designed by the famous Rastrelli, and its rich exposition. The holy oil shedding icon of John of Korma in a local church nwill be also of interest.