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12 February 2007

Radiation control center opened in school #1 in Chechersk

A radiation control center has been opened in school #1 in Chechersk (Gomel oblast). The new facility has been sent in operation due to the joint efforts made by the embassy of the Lithuanian Republic to Belarus and the radiation safety institute “Belrad”. As BelTA was told in the Lithuanian diplomatic mission, pupils, teachers and all residents of Chechersk will be able to examine their foodstuffs in the center. The center will also monitor the radiation background in premises and various territories. The Lithuania side allocated 10 thousand Lits to implement the project. Councilor of the embassy of the Lithuanian Republic to Belarus Marius Yanukonis and chair of the Chechersk regional executive committee Vasiliy Maksimenko met after the official opening ceremony of the center to discuss further cooperation plans between this region and Lithuania. nRepresentatives of the embassy also took part in a roundtable meeting dedicated to the ecology and radiation research works of the Chechersk pupils. Mr. Marius Yanukonis has noted that Lithuania has been rendering assistance to Belarus to improve the ecological situation by means of implementing concrete projects and plans. The Lithuanian embassy plans to continue supporting Chechersk. The opening of the radiation control center is the third project Lithuania has implemented in the Chechersk region. In 2004 and 2005 Lithuania organized recuperation tours for the Chechersk school children.